What is the powerful question?


Tim Ferriss describes a provocative question that could be considered a "powerful question," which is: "What might you do to accomplish your ten-year goals in the next six months if you had a gun against your head?" Though this is a hypothetical scenario, it's not meant to encourage literal quick solutions but to break conventional thinking and reveal possibilities you might not consider under normal circumstances. This question forces you to rethink limitations and constraints, potentially leading to revolutionary ideas and approaches that can change your life and business drastically 1.

Accelerating Goals

Discover how asking the right questions can break through limitations and unlock new possibilities in achieving your goals. Tim and Brené discuss the power of shedding artificial constraints and renegotiating reality to accelerate your progress. Learn how stream of consciousness journaling and exploring different perspectives can lead to life-changing breakthroughs.

Tim Ferriss Show

Tools of Titans with Brené Brown | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)