Conflict of Values


In the discussion between Jordan Harbinger and Mark Manson on "The Jordan Harbinger Show," they explore the concept of conflict between values, noting that a person's dominant 'God value,' whether it be religion, money, or another core belief, shapes their actions and perceptions in all aspects of life. Manson explains that when a dominant value is challenged or engaged in conflict with another, it not only reaffirms this 'God value' but feels essential and meaningful to the individual. This conversation leads to the assertion that conflict is necessary for humans to affirm their values and achieve personal growth.

Mark Manson articulates that encountering and engaging in conflicts that challenge our values is beneficial, and Jordan acknowledges the impact of such conflicts in helping us define and refine what truly matters to us. They further discuss the societal aspect where conflicts in values are inevitable and even necessary to navigate life meaningfully 1.

Conflict and Values

Mark Manson and Jordan Harbinger discuss how our top values define our behavior and how some degree of conflict is necessary for us to affirm our values and find meaning in life. They also talk about the blue dot effect and the tension between in-group and out-group dynamics.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

198: Mark Manson | Channeling Hope, Choosing Problems, and Changing Values