Do divorcees choose the wrong person?


The belief that divorcees simply choose the wrong person might be an overly simplistic view. According to , many people believe in the idea of marriage but think they chose the wrong partner the first time. This leads them to try again, thinking the second relationship will be better by selecting a more compatible partner. However, Perel notes that the first time around, people still adhere to traditional expectations of marriage, which can lead to disillusionment. In the second marriage, there is a tendency to question the entire structure of the relationship, leading to greater self-awareness and responsibility 1.

Divorce Rates and Second Marriages

Explore the fascinating data of a 65% divorce rate on second marriages and the shift in mindset from the first to the second marriage. Esther Perel shares insights on how divorcees often believe in the model but choose the wrong person, while the second time around, they take more responsibility for themselves. Tim Ferriss questions whether the structure of marriage itself should be considered as a variable.

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