What is the Thai connection to Red Bull?


Red Bull has a significant connection to Thailand, particularly through its origins and its association with Thai fighting and extreme sports. The original Red Bull energy drink was actually a Thai energy drink called Krating Daeng, marketed primarily to blue-collar workers like truckers, farmers, and construction workers in Thailand. The drink was known for its non-carbonated, syrupy, sweet, and strong formulation, served in small glass bottles with Thai labeling.

The connection extends into the Thai fighting space, where Red Bull has been a prominent sponsor, commonly featured on the attire of fighters. This sponsorship is linked closely with the culture around Muay Thai and other forms of martial arts popular in Thailand. Moreover, the founders of Red Bull were inspired by this original Thai drink, adapting its concept to create the now globally recognized Red Bull brand which supports various extreme sports and athletes, including those in Thai fighting disciplines 1 2.

Red Bull's Thai Connection

Sal shares his experience with the uncarbonated Thai version of Red Bull, which was syrupy, sweet, and strong. He also talks about how Red Bull is connected to the Thai fighting space.

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