Career change


For those considering a career change, especially in fields like technology, it's important to recognize how quickly the landscape evolves. notes that the knowledge gained in a typical four or six-year degree program may become obsolete by the time one graduates, except perhaps for the most recent year's learnings. Many tech companies are now focusing on hiring people early in their educational pursuits or offering in-house training programs rather than requiring full degrees 1.

Additionally, if you're thinking about transitioning into a fitness career, shares insights on starting it as a side hustle. This approach allows you to test the waters without the full commitment, which could be especially crucial if you have other significant responsibilities, like a family 2. However, Sal also cautions that a side approach might not provide the complete answers or performance that diving in full-time might offer, but it's a safer option when you have dependents and financial obligations.

Future-Proofing Education

Sal and Justin discuss the limitations of traditional education in the tech industry and how companies are adapting by offering training programs instead of requiring degrees. They also touch on the importance of teaching kids about the changing job market and the need to consider profitability when choosing a field of study.

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