How to travel to Disney for cheap?


Traveling to Disney for cheap involves several strategies mentioned by Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa on the . Here are the key tips:

  1. Travel Rewards Points: Using travel rewards points can significantly reduce costs. This includes flights and hotels. For instance, you can use Marriott points to book the Swan and Dolphin hotels on Disney property 1.

  2. Tickets for Young Children: If you have children under three, they do not need a park ticket, which can save a considerable amount of money 2.

  3. Timeshare Rentals: Consider renting timeshares for accommodation. This can be much cheaper than booking hotel rooms, and you get more amenities like separate bedrooms and kitchens. Websites like Koala and RedWeek offer such deals 3.

    Disney Travel Tips

    Brad and Jonathan discuss tips for traveling to Disney, including using points to book hotels at the Swan and Dolphin, and utilizing transfer partners like Marriott and Hyatt for booking other hotels in Orlando. They also remind listeners to check out for more details and links.


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  4. Using Points for Lodging: Even if you don’t book a timeshare, you can use Marriott or Hyatt points to book hotels in Orlando, which may still provide a good value and are convenient if you don’t mind driving 1.

  5. Check Websites Like ChooseFI: For more detailed strategies and links, you can visit ChooseFI's dedicated Disney page 1.

These tactics can help make a Disney trip more affordable without significantly sacrificing comfort or convenience.