Long term goals


Louisa Nicola emphasizes several key strategies for setting and achieving long term goals:

Key Strategies

  1. TMS System (Target, Mission, Strategy):

    • Target: Be extremely specific about your goal; it should be clear and concise.
    • Mission: Understand the "why" behind your goal. Emotion and purpose drive commitment.
    • Strategy: Develop a flexible and detailed plan to achieve your goal. Be ready to adjust the approach if initial strategies don’t work out 1.
  2. Reverse Engineering Goals:

    • Break down long-term goals into smaller, actionable steps.
    • Be aggressive with the daily, monthly, and weekly steps to align with the ultimate goal 2.
  3. Deliberate Practice:

    • Practice deliberately and consistently.
    • Focus intensely on specific, measurable outcomes that can guide progress towards the goal 2 3.

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  4. Clarity and Measurement:

    • Have a clear outcome and timeline.
    • Regularly measure progress with detailed notes and adjustments 4.

Insights and Principles

  • Intrinsic Motivation: Goals should resonate deeply with personal values and desires, not external influences or superficial motivations 5.
  • Avoiding Comparisons: Focus on personal progress and avoid comparing yourself to others, which can distract and demotivate you 6.
  • Persistence: Continually push towards your goal, adjusting strategies if necessary, but never lose sight of the end objective 1 6.
  • Self-Awareness: Understanding oneself and being clear about personal motivations and visions is crucial. Observing your feelings and focus can help in setting realistic, achievable goals 5.

By following these strategies and principles, Louisa Nicola believes that anyone can set and achieve long-term goals effectively.