Why start with a 5K race?


Starting with a 5K race is recommended for those new to running because it offers several benefits. According to , a 5K race is a manageable starting point for beginners because the training load is reasonable and noticeable improvements can be seen relatively quickly. Additionally, it provides a foundation to build confidence and gradually increase mileage while maintaining the enjoyment of running. Stanley suggests that starting with a 5K can also make longer races more enjoyable as one's fitness improves 1.

Moreover, the 5K distance is predominantly aerobic, which suits those new to the sport, especially if they are completing the race in about 30-40 minutes 2. This distance allows new runners to engage different energy systems without the risk of severe musculoskeletal stress, making it an effective introduction to running races.

Choosing the Right Race

Abby Stanley shares her perspective on choosing the right race distance for beginner and experienced runners. She emphasizes the benefits of starting with a 5K and gradually incorporating longer races for growth and overall improvement.

The Strength Running Podcast

132. Coach Abby Stanley on Athletic Development and Making the Most of Your Training