What is the Wordaful NYC Event?


The Wordaful NYC Event is an empowering gathering led by Liz Hernandez aimed at fostering open communication among women. This event provides a safe space where approximately 50 women can share their experiences, struggles, and successes. It involves discussing various aspects of life such as career, marriage, self-care, and personal growth, to help attendees realize they are not alone in their struggles and to find strength in shared experiences.

The event is characterized by its intimate and supportive atmosphere, often likened to a girl's night out, with snacks, drinks, and plenty of conversations. The primary goal is to help women bond, share their tools for overcoming challenges, and leave feeling stronger and more connected.

Tickets can be found on Liz Hernandez's Instagram page or at Wordaful NYC's website [1 2 3].

Wordaful NYC Event

Join Liz Hernandez in New York City for a gathering of women, where open communication and sharing tools will lead to personal growth and bonding. Discover the similarities that unite us and leave feeling empowered and connected. Get your tickets now!

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