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Episode 596 of the Jordan Harbinger Show, titled "Andrew Gold | Exorcisms On the Edge," features a fascinating discussion with guest Andrew Gold. The episode covers a range of intriguing and controversial topics:

  1. Innovative Products: Jordan Harbinger talks about various products from Intuit like TurboTax and QuickBooks and their benefits in managing finances both for individuals and small businesses, which helps him focus more on his podcast 1.

  2. Redefining Rich: Andrew Gold shares his life experiences, including traveling, learning languages, and making documentaries. He and Jordan discuss how these experiences help redefine what it means to be rich—focusing more on time and enjoyment rather than material success 1.

  3. Taboo Topics: The episode dives into sensitive and rarely discussed topics like pedophilia, exploring the cognitive challenges and societal stigma associated with it. Andrew and Jordan emphasize the importance of addressing such issues thoughtfully to prevent child abuse 2.

  4. Unique Stories: From surviving plane crashes to discussing exorcisms, the episode spans a variety of unique and sometimes shocking stories. Andrew speaks about producing documentaries on these topics, highlighting the human psychology and beliefs involved 3 4.

    Innovative Products

    Jordan Harbinger talks about Intuit's innovative products that simplify managing finances for individuals and small businesses, such as TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Credit Karma. He also shares his personal experience with using QuickBooks certified bookkeepers to maintain his books and how it has given him more time to focus on creating great content for his podcast. Title: Redefining Rich Topics: Sponsorship, Lifestyle Summary: Glenfiddich sponsors this episode and Jordan Harbinger interviews Andrew Gold, who shares his experience traveling, learning different languages, and creating documentaries. They discuss how to redefine what it means to be rich and how to get more time and enjoyment out of life. Title: Joyful Workouts Topics: Sponsorship, Fitness Summary: Peloton sponsors this episode and Jordan Harbinger talks about how Peloton makes working out simple, convenient, and fun. He highlights the powerhouse roster of instructors and the strong community that Peloton has built. He also shares how Peloton offers an endless variety of classes to keep workouts feeling fresh.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    596: Andrew Gold | Exorcisms On the Edge
  5. Networking and Cybersecurity: Near the episode's close, Jordan promotes his Six-Minute Networking course and discusses the importance of cybersecurity, particularly highlighting services like LifeLock for protecting personal information online 5.

This episode offers a deep dive into how unconventional and often taboo topics are handled and discussed, providing insights into human psychology, ethical dilemmas, and the importance of narrative in understanding complex issues.