How does one become a Sicario?


Becoming a Sicario often involves a troubling combination of circumstances and socio-economic factors. Here are some insights from various discussions on the subject:

  1. Economic Desperation: Pablo Escobar's sicarios were often driven by financial desperation. Escobar would offer money to impoverished individuals, which made them loyal to him. For example, a young sicario admitted to killing police officers for $100 each because Escobar had provided his family with financial support 1 2.

  2. Revenge and Hatred: A personal grievance and a desire for revenge can also push individuals into such a violent lifestyle. Ioan Grillo recounts the story of a sicario named Fresa, who had been abandoned by his parents and harbored deep hatred, leading him to brutal acts from a young age. He began his criminal career with home invasions and killings driven by personal vendetta 3.

    Pablo Escobar's Killings

    Murphy and Javier discuss the extent of Pablo Escobar's crimes, including his responsibility for thousands of murders and the placing of car bombs that killed many police officers. They also talk about how he put a bounty on police officers and sicarios killed them for just $100.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    453: Javier Peña and Steve Murphy | Taking Down Pablo Escobar
  3. Recruitment from Troubled Youth: Many sicarios start their criminal activities as teenagers, often without parental guidance or support. This early recruitment into a life of crime, coupled with the psychological impact of violence and murder, traps them in a cycle they see no escape from. For instance, Fresa's involvement began with a robbery and escalated into more severe crimes 3.

These factors illustrate that becoming a Sicario is often less about a conscious choice to engage in violence and more about being driven by dire economic needs, personal grudges, and early recruitment into the criminal underworld.