Digestive support


Here are some expert insights on digestive support from various podcasts and episodes:

  1. Athletic Greens: Lindsey Simcik from the podcast emphasizes the benefits of Athletic Greens for digestive health. She notes that it includes adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and other essential nutrients that support overall digestion and energy levels 1.

  2. Bioptimizers: Max Lugavere from recommends Bioptimizers' HCL Breakthrough, which contains digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCL) to aid in digesting proteins and fats. Proper stomach acid levels are crucial for effective digestion and nutrient absorption 2.

  3. Digestive Spices: John Douillard from the suggests incorporating spices like ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel, and cardamom into your diet. These spices can enhance digestive enzyme production and improve overall digestive health by cleaning out bile ducts and increasing lymphatic flow 3.

    Boost Your Health

    Lindsey shares her personal experience with supplements and highlights the benefits of incorporating Athletic Greens into her daily routine for improved health, energy, digestion, and skin. She also mentions a special offer for listeners to receive a free year supply of vitamin D and travel packs with their first purchase from Athletic Greens.

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    588. There Are No Bad Parts of You: Accepting Yourself with IFS
  4. Supporting the Gut Microbiome: Andrew Huberman of highlights the importance of supporting the gut microbiome through fermented foods and prebiotic fibers. He advises using refrigerated prebiotics and probiotics to avoid issues like brain fog that come with excessive supplementation 4.

  5. Liver Health for Digestion: Tim Gray on discusses how liver support, increasing bile production, and boosting vitamin D levels can help repair the gut. He notes that bile acts like dish soap, aiding in the digestive process and preventing leaky gut by maintaining tight junctions in the gut lining 5.

These episodes provide a range of strategies and supplements to improve digestive health, from specific products to dietary adjustments.