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In the "287: How to Stop Taking Feedback So Personally | Feedback Friday" episode of the , Jordan Harbinger offers advice on how to handle personal feedback without becoming overly self-critical. He emphasizes understanding that feeling bad occasionally is part of the human condition, guided by our ego's protective instincts. He shares a life pro tip about motivating others by complimenting behaviors you want to encourage, even if they haven't fully achieved them yet. This method helps to shape people's behaviors positively 1.

Moreover, the episode discusses the importance of critical thinking in evaluating documentary films. Harbinger critiques "The Game Changers" documentary for its biased and occasionally misleading representation of data, urging listeners to research and fact-check information they receive 2.

Also introduced in this episode are various sponsorship segments that offer solutions ranging from sleep improvement with the Eight Sleep Pod to a cleaner bathroom experience with Omigo, highlighting additional resources that align with the daily needs and well-being of the audience 3 4.

Motivating Compliments

Jordan shares a life pro tip on how to motivate people by complimenting them on what you want them to be, even if they may not live up to it yet. He explains how this technique works and how it can be used to shape people's behavior.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

287: How to Stop Taking Feedback So Personally | Feedback Friday