Is incontinence a weakness of will?


Incontinence is not considered a weakness of will. The concept of "weakness of will," also known as "akrasia" or "incontinence" in philosophical terms, is discussed by and in the context of philosophical and ethical frameworks, where it denotes a lack of self-control or the failure to do what one recognizes as the best course of action due to conflicting desires or emotions. However, it is discussed as a metaphorical "absence of strength" rather than a literal inability to control physical functions like bladder control, which medical incontinence pertains to 1.

Medical incontinence is a health issue stemming from physical factors such as muscle weakness, neurological problems, or other medical conditions, and has no connection with psychological willpower or moral strength.

Weakness of Will

Agnes Callard explores the concept of weakness of will, also known as Acresia or incontinence. She discusses the origins of the Greek word and its Latin translation, shedding light on the absence of strength in this intriguing phenomenon.


Agnes Callard on Aspiration