Cross-Pollination of Microbiomes

Mind Pump Podcast discussed the concept of cross-pollination in the context of microbiomes, particularly how microbiomes can transfer between individuals living in close quarters. Raja Dhir explained that people who live together often share similar microbiota due to their shared environment and interactions. For instance, even having a dog in the house can increase the similarity of microbiomes among all household members. The transmission of these microbiomes isn't limited to sexual contact but can also occur through daily interactions, such as using the same bathroom or drinking from the same cup 1.

Bridging Scientific Disciplines

Raja Dhir also highlighted the importance of bridging various scientific disciplines. He shared his experience in translational science, where he applied biological and philosophical knowledge to practical problems. He emphasized the significance of involving original scientists throughout the entire process of research, trial, development, and productization to ensure that scientific discoveries are effectively translated into applicable solutions 2.

These discussions illustrate the dynamic nature of both microbiome transmission and the application of interdisciplinary scientific research.

Microbiome Transmission

Raja explains that living in close quarters with someone, even just having a dog in the house, can increase the similarity of microbiome between all family members or roommates. The vaginal microbiota is fairly resilient and stable, but there might be a temporary disruption or transmission between ecosystems. The ecosystem is dominated by lactobacilli, which best serves and protects the ecosystem.

Mind Pump Podcast

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