Car upgrades

Here are some podcasts that might discuss car upgrades:

  1. :

    • Host: Dave Asprey
    • Topics involve cutting-edge biohacking, technology, and innovation, which might intersect with car enhancements.
  2. :

    • Hosts: Jessica Livingston and Carolynn Levy
    • Focuses on technology, startups, and entrepreneurship, with potential discussions on automotive tech advancements.
  3. :

    • Host: Rotating experts from Andreessen Horowitz
    • Covers topics like AI, autonomous vehicles, and electrification, relevant to modern car upgrades.
  4. :

    • Host: Tom Clarkson
    • Delves into the technical aspects of F1 racing, including car design and engineering upgrades.
  5. :

    • Host: Mike Mutzel
    • While primarily health-focused, discussions on technologies might include aspects applicable to vehicle health and performance.

These podcasts cover a range of related technologies and innovations that could be applied to car upgrades.