what is the best way to get started with fitness, and how do i fit it into my schedule?


Starting a fitness routine and fitting it into your schedule can be effectively managed with a combination of planning and adaptability. Here are some expert tips to help you:

  1. Schedule in Advance: Plan your workouts ahead of time, ideally at the end of each week for the upcoming week. This proactive approach prevents common excuses and helps identify potential times for exercise despite a busy schedule. It's recommended to find three to four time slots per week for exercising 1.

  2. Start Anytime and Persist: Begin your fitness journey whenever you're ready, not just on New Year or another specific date. The key is consistency and persistence, so start small and build momentum by frequent, regular workouts 2.

  3. Treat Workouts as Appointments: Consider your workout time as important as a business meeting. Schedule it on your calendar and treat it with the same level of commitment. This approach helps maintain consistency even when urgent tasks arise 3.

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  4. Early Morning Workouts: If possible, consider scheduling your workouts early in the morning. This can help ensure they are completed before other daily responsibilities and unexpected events can disrupt your plans 4.

  5. Reduce Friction: Make it as easy as possible to begin each session. Prepare your workout clothes and equipment in advance and consider home workouts to avoid travel time to a gym. This reduces barriers and makes it more likely you'll stick to your schedule 5.

Using these strategies, you can smoothly integrate fitness into your daily life, ensuring it becomes a sustainable and beneficial part of your routine.