How do cults gain political power?


Cults often gain political power through a combination of charitable acts, strategic positioning during political turmoil, and cultivating connections with influential figures. For example, the cult known as Children of God capitalized on the chaos in places like Ukraine to perform 'charitable' acts and gather support. By claiming to provide safety and education while asking for little in return, they could attract large sums in donations, most of which they retained. Such acts allowed them to project an image of benevolence while solidifying their financial base and power 1.

Moreover, making connections with powerful individuals or entities plays a critical role. The cult leveraged their position by performing at significant venues such as the White House during George H. W. Bush’s presidency and participating in forums like the Mooney’s convention attended by Donald Trump. These interactions did not only boost their credibility but also aided in integrating them within the political framework, providing them further legitimacy and access to influential networks 1.

The Cult's Political Power

Discover the shocking political connections and tactics used by cults like the Children of God to gain power and credibility, including performances at the White House and associations with prominent politicians.

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