Conventional rules


Tim Ferriss discussed the concept of breaking conventional rules in the context of drug development during his interview with John Crowley. They talked about how, in response to a personal crisis, they sidestepped usual procedures which typically involved rigorous, outsourced testing in animal models. Instead, they conducted some of these experiments in-house, which is not standard practice. This approach included attempting to administer treatment directly to lab animals in their facility, an unusual and less controlled method that ultimately failed. However, they also made successful unconventional decisions, such as investing early in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility for potential human drug delivery, which is generally done much later in the drug development process 1.

Breaking Conventional Rules

John shares how they broke conventional rules in drug development, from conducting experiments in-house to sacrificing animals for tissue analysis. He also discusses the successful decision to invest in a GMP facility for drug manufacturing.

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