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In the episode "866: Astrology | Skeptical Sunday" from the , Jordan Harbinger and guest Dave Farina critically examine the validity of astrology. They provide a definition of astrology, discussing how it claims the positions of celestial bodies influence events on Earth. Various arguments are explored that debunk the predictive power of astrology, specifically emphasizing the lack of empirical evidence supporting astrological claims.

Dave Farina discusses issues with astrology's predictive claims, such as the fact that large groups of people born at the same time do not exhibit similar traits or life outcomes. The example of fraternal twins is used to highlight how individuals with identical astrological charts can lead entirely different lives, challenging the reliability of astrological predictions. This conversation includes a discussion of the Barnum effect, where vague statements in horoscopes are perceived as highly accurate by individuals eager to find personal relevance.

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The episode concludes with Jordan inviting listeners to send feedback and topic suggestions, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in shaping the show's content 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Astrology Defined

Dave provides a brief definition of astrology, explaining how the positions of planets and stars in the night sky are believed to influence events on Earth. He discusses the twelve zodiac constellations and their significance in Western astrology, highlighting the correlation between these constellations and events or traits on Earth.

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866: Astrology | Skeptical Sunday