How does resistance manifest?


Resistance manifests as a result of the ego feeling threatened when we begin to shift our identity from it to our deeper self. This can occur when we start trusting in intuition or drawing on inspiration from deep, unknown sources. As we start identifying more with the self and less with the ego, the ego reacts by trying to convince us that these new sources of inspiration are unreliable or false, in a bid to maintain its control. This form of resistance is essentially the ego's defense mechanism against losing its dominance and can be quite persistent, much like the character Bishma in the Bhagavad Gita, who takes a long time to die even as he is defeated 1.

Shifting Identity, Ego's Resistance

Steven Pressfield discusses the importance of shifting our identity from ego to self and the resistance that the ego creates. He shares insights from a conversation with a monk and draws parallels to the Bhagavad Gita. Tim Ferriss reflects on the threatening uncertainty that arises when we question our ego-driven beliefs.

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