How to grow a YouTube channel?


Growing a YouTube channel involves several key strategies, as highlighted by various experts on My First Million:

  1. Create Platform-specific Content:

    • Simply uploading podcast content isn't sufficient for YouTube. Content needs to be specifically crafted for the platform to achieve better engagement. Tracking Click-Through Rates (CTR) and optimizing thumbnails are crucial steps to ensure the content resonates with the audience 1.
  2. Identify Your Audience:

    • Understanding who your audience is and what they need is essential. By focusing on a specific demographic and tailoring content to their preferences, you can foster a more engaged community 2.
  3. Catchy Titles and Thumbnails:

    • Crafting compelling titles and thumbnails involves iteration and analysis. Ali Abdaal suggests using successful video titles from other creators as inspiration to enhance the likelihood of catching viewers' eyes 3.

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  4. Engaging Storytelling:

    • Creating a narrative can significantly increase video views. Jenny Hoyos transformed a simple gardening video into a viral hit by adding personal stories and making the concept relatable 4.
  5. Consistency and Execution:

    • Building an audience requires consistent effort over a long period. Shaan Puri emphasizes the importance of simple yet effective content strategies, as highlighted by lessons from successful creators like MrBeast 5.
  6. Backend Operations:

    • Managing the business side of a YouTube channel, including legal and tax matters, is also critical. Developing tools or seeking services similar to LegalZoom or TurboTax but tailored for creators can help manage these aspects efficiently 6.

Overall, combining these strategies can help in growing a YouTube channel effectively by ensuring both the content and the backend operations are handled strategically.