Can myostatin be inhibited?


Yes, myostatin can be inhibited, and this inhibition has been associated with increased muscle growth in various studies. However, while the concept is promising, practical, safe applications for humans are still under exploration.

Some supplements, like creatine and the amino acid leucine, inhibit myostatin to a certain degree, as part of their muscle growth promoting effects. Regular resistance training also reduces myostatin levels slightly, contributing to muscle development 1.

Researchers are investigating more direct myostatin inhibition methods, such as using specific myostatin inhibitors or selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). However, these methods are still primarily in experimental stages, and there's no conclusive evidence supporting their widespread practical use without significant side effects 1 2.

Moreover, different approaches like gene therapies are also being explored, targeting myostatin inhibition for potential muscle growth enhancements. This research is still mostly preclinical, but it shows some promise 3.

Myostatin Inhibitors

Wade from Michigan asks the hosts about myostatin inhibitors and specifically about YK Eleven. The hosts explain that while inhibiting myostatin can lead to muscle growth, there are no legal supplements available that can do so to the extent shown in animal studies. They also discuss the limited research on SARMs.

Mind Pump Podcast

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In conclusion, while theoretically plausible and supported by some early studies, practical and safe myostatin inhibition as a method for muscle growth enhancement in humans remains an area requiring more research and validation.