How are startups managing investments?


Startups are leveraging various platforms and strategies to manage investments effectively. Here are some key insights from experts:

  1. AngelList Fund Admin Platform: Many startups use AngelList's Fund Admin Platform to handle their back-office needs. This platform enables them to focus on working with founders by streamlining investment management processes. Leading fund managers have made over 10,000 investments into 6,000 startups using AngelList, showcasing its extensive use and reliability 1.

  2. Rolling Funds: AngelList recently introduced "rolling funds," making it easier for investors to find and invest in top fund managers online. This innovation simplifies the investment process and enhances accessibility for many investors 1 2.

  3. Mercury for Banking: For managing banking needs, many startups utilize Mercury. This platform offers full-stack banking solutions tailored for startups, including FDIC-insured bank accounts, debit cards, and integrations with various tools like Gusto and QuickBooks. Mercury also provides unique features such as API access and custom team management, adding value to the financial operations of startups 1.

  4. Rippling for HR and IT Management: Rippling helps fast-growing startups automate their HR and IT processes, particularly vital in the new era of remote work. It enables startups to manage employees and contractors seamlessly, ensuring compliance with local labor laws. Rippling streamlines onboarding, payroll, benefits, and IT setup, making remote team management more efficient 3 2.

    Streamlining Investments

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  5. Harness Wealth: For wealth management, startups are turning to platforms like Harness. It offers tailored financial advisory services for tech employees and investors, helping them navigate stock sales, tax issues, and financial planning for liquidity events. This platform is particularly useful for early employees at tech companies looking to maximize their financial outcomes 2.

These platforms and services illustrate the comprehensive approaches startups are adopting to manage their investments and financial operations efficiently.