Are screens addictive?


Yes, screens can be considered addictive. , a marketing author and NYU professor, explains that screens are particularly potent vehicles for addiction due to their ability to replace social connections and dominate our time and attention. He notes that about half of the world’s population exhibits addictive behavior related to screens, highlighting their widespread impact 1.

Additionally, and discuss how screens often serve to fill a psychological void or soothe psychic pain, which can lead individuals to excessive use. argues that our lack of fulfilling activities and overreliance on screen-based tasks can enhance this dependency, while asserts that screens operate by engaging the mind in ways we haven't evolved to handle constantly 2 3.

Screen Addiction Insights

Adam discusses how anything can be addictive if it fulfills certain criteria, emphasizing the addictive nature of screen-related behaviors. Jonathan highlights the intentional design behind reinforcing addictive screen behaviors and the negative side effects that come with them.

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