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In of the , various topics are discussed:

  1. School Photo Editing: The hosts criticize schools offering photo editing services for students, expressing concern over the negative impact on children's body image and self-esteem 1.

  2. Expensive Purchases: Adam Schafer shares his goal of owning a Rolex and discusses how each host might irresponsibly spend a lot of money, with a general emphasis on cars and luxury items 2.

  3. Fruit Fly Quarantine: The team humorously debates a local quarantine caused by Oriental fruit flies in San Jose, questioning the severity of the threat and its impact on farming 3.

    School Photo Editing

    Adam, Sal, and Justin discuss the concerning trend of schools offering photo editing services for students' school pictures. They explore the negative impact it can have on children's body image and self-esteem, and the potential for a future where people can modify their appearance through augmented reality technology.

    Mind Pump Podcast

    1661: How to Learn to Pistol Squat, Eating Before Vs After Workouts, & More
  4. BMX Revival: They note the resurgence of interest in BMX biking during 2020, emphasizing the popularity of biking and related activities 4.

  5. Brain Implants for Depression: Sal shares a scientific article about a successful brain implant experiment for severe depression, leading to a discussion on the future of neural implants for emotional regulation 5.

Additionally, the episode includes segments on fitness advice, luxury purchases, financial goals, and mastering specific exercises like the pistol squat.