Simp shaming


Simp shaming is predominantly enforced by men to regulate the norms of resource allocation in dating and relationships. It aims to discourage men from being overly generous without reciprocation, preserving the perceived value of men's resources in the dating market. This norm prevents what is seen as a 'tragedy of the commons' where one man's generous behavior can compel others to match or exceed his efforts, escalating the expected level of resource commitment prematurely. Men primarily enforce simp shaming, reflecting a collective interest in maintaining a balance in the 'dating economy' where resources are not devalued by being too readily available without relational reciprocity 1.

In some contexts, simp shaming is viewed as a counterpart to slut shaming. While slut shaming by women aims to maintain the value of sexual availability, simp shaming by men aims to safeguard the value of resources and commitment. This game-theoretical perspective suggests that both types of shaming serve to regulate the market dynamics of dating and relationships, ensuring that neither sex cheapens their 'value' by giving too much for too little in return 2.

Understanding Slut Shaming

Chris and Geoffrey discuss the concept of slut shaming and its impact on the mating market. They explore how women enforcing it mostly and men engaging in simp shaming are attempts to control the dynamics of sexual access and resource commitment. The conversation also touches on financial domination as a subculture that exemplifies these dynamics.

Modern Wisdom

An Evolutionary Psychologist's Dating Advice - Geoffrey Miller | Modern Wisdom Podcast 432