How can we observe consciousness?


Observing consciousness involves several approaches and theories explored within the realm of quantum biology and cognitive science. Here are some key insights shared by experts:

  1. Quantum Biology and Mitochondria as Observers:

    • suggests that mitochondria could be seen as observers of reality within the framework of quantum biology. He proposes that these cellular components might play a significant role as the primary observers, operating as a collective consciousness and helping to stabilize perceived reality. Meanwhile, adds that elements like the liquid crystalline nature of cells facilitate the reception and integration of environmental signals like light and sound, driving the consciousness process 1.
  2. Reflexive Awareness:

    • emphasizes three crucial elements to consciousness: attention to contents, awareness of the mode of attention, and reflexive awareness. This reflexive awareness is particularly important, allowing the brain to organize itself and maintain a cohesive reality by perennially confirming its state of consciousness 2.
  3. Becoming the Observer:

    • According to , observing consciousness necessitates becoming the observer of one's own life, detaching from emotional and mental processes to access a higher state of awareness. This act of observation allows one to manipulate and understand their reactions and experiences with greater clarity 3.

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These insights suggest that observing consciousness involves a combination of understanding quantum biological phenomena, engaging in reflexive awareness to maintain a coherent internal and external reality, and cultivating the ability to detach and observe one’s own cognitive and emotional processes.