Military Benefits


Brad Barrett has discussed several aspects of military benefits in various episodes of the "" podcast. Here are some key insights:

  1. Military Financial Education: Barrett emphasizes the importance of financial education in the military. He highlights how some service members received guidance from more experienced officers in the past, but nowadays, resources like Military Dollar offer comprehensive financial advice, which can significantly impact service members' lives by helping them understand and utilize their benefits for financial independence 1.

  2. Military Pensions: In an episode featuring Doug Nordman, the conversation covers the benefits of military pensions as part of a strategy for financial independence. Nordman suggests that staying in the military can be financially advantageous as long as it remains challenging and fulfilling. He also discusses transitioning to civilian life, highlighting the human capital that former military personnel bring to civilian jobs 2.

  3. Reserves and National Guard: Barrett discusses how transitioning from active duty to the reserves or National Guard can help service members maintain a quality of life they enjoy while still working towards a pension. This transition can allow one to continue enjoying the aspects of military life they like without the full-time commitment 3.

    Military Financial Education

    Brad and Jonathan discuss the importance of financial education in the military and how mentorship can make a huge difference in service members' lives. Military Dollar is highlighted as a great resource for financial information and passive military life coaches. The episode emphasizes the importance of intentionality and making a plan for financial independence.


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  4. Use of the GI Bill: Discussing the strategic use of the GI Bill, Barrett details how military families can leverage this benefit for educational purposes, including the option of early decision in college applications. He also mentions the Yellow Ribbon program, which can help cover gaps between GI Bill coverage and the actual cost of education, particularly at private colleges 4.

Each of these discussions highlights how understanding and strategically using military benefits can play a crucial role in achieving financial independence and making informed career decisions.