What are tiny habits?


Tiny habits are small, manageable changes you can make to your behavior to gradually improve your life. The concept, introduced by BJ Fogg, emphasizes that simplicity in actions can lead to significant behavioral changes over time. For instance, the mere act of putting on running shoes each day can progress into a regular running habit. Tiny habits are about making behavior change manageable by focusing on executing short, minimal actions rather than overhauling your entire lifestyle all at once. This approach helps in forming new habits effectively by linking these minimal actions to everyday triggers, making them easy to remember and execute 1.

To successfully implement tiny habits, it's important to focus on feeling successful, not just completing a task. Emotions play a crucial role in making these habits stick. Positive feelings, sparked by small accomplishments, encourage the brain to recognize these mini-victories, thereby cementing the habits more deeply 2.

Screen Time Solutions

BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist, talks about how his parents' excessive screen time inspired him to create a resource to help people reduce their screen time. He discusses the importance of simplicity in changing behavior and introduces the concept of tiny habits as a way to change behavior. Jordan Harbinger shares his own experience with tiny habits and how it helped him start running in the middle of winter.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

306: BJ Fogg | Tiny Habits That Change Everything