How did family influence your decision?


According to Nobel Laureate and Economics Professor James Heckman, the family plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's preferences and sense of self. Families not only provide an environment but profoundly influence the motivations and discouragements that their children experience. Heckman points out that interventions focusing on teaching parents to interact with their children demonstrate significant positive impacts on the children's success. These findings underscore the undervalued but vital impact of family in guiding and mentoring individuals throughout their developmental years 1.

The Undervalued Role of Family

James emphasizes the crucial role of family in shaping children's preferences and defining their sense of self. He discusses interventions that focus on teaching parents how to interact with their children, highlighting the significant impact family life has on a child's success. James challenges the notion that money alone can solve societal issues, emphasizing the importance of familial guidance and mentoring throughout a child's life.


James Heckman on Inequality and Economic Mobility