Peter Jackson edit


In a discussion with , expressed his views on the edit done by Peter Jackson of the Beatles documentary footage. Ringo watched a 6-hour cut of the film and noted that it was full of joy and camaraderie, which he felt was missing from previous versions. Ringo highlighted how Peter Jackson's involvement brought out the humorous and lighter moments among the Beatles, significantly altering the tone of the film compared to earlier, more somber versions 1.

Additionally, praised Peter Jackson's documentary, "They Shall Not Grow Old," which colorizes and adds sounds to World War I footage. He appreciated how Jackson's work gave a new life to the historical events, making them feel more immediate and emotionally impactful 2.

Rediscovering Joy

Ringo Starr discusses his experience watching the 6-hour Peter Jackson edit of the Let It Be documentary, highlighting the presence of joy and camaraderie that was missing in the original version. He reminisces about the Beatles' discussions, arguments, and their ability to adapt to any musical idea.

Broken Record

Ringo Starr: Peace and Love | Broken Record (Hosted by Rick Rubin)