Apple cider vinegar for weight loss


Apple cider vinegar is often promoted as a weight loss aid, but the scientific support for these claims is weak and mostly based on limited studies. For instance, it has been touted by Dr. Oz, who referenced a study that its consumption along with meals might promote weight loss. However, it's worth noting that the study he mentioned was conducted on mice and dates back to 1992, making its relevance questionable 1.

Furthermore, more recent reviews, such as those mentioned by , highlight that while apple cider vinegar might support glycemic control, its overall benefits should be approached with caution and are not definitive 2.

Thus, while incorporating apple cider vinegar might not be harmful and could have some health benefits, relying on it as a primary method for weight loss is not recommended based on current evidence. It's more beneficial to focus on a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Oz's Influence

Michael and Aubrey delve into Dr. Oz's controversial health advice, from weight loss myths like apple cider vinegar to questionable detox and anti-cancer claims. The discussion sheds light on the impact of his TV show and the potential dangers of following his recommendations blindly.

Maintenance Phase

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