French healthcare


The French healthcare system is facing several challenges and complexities:

  1. Doctor Shortage and Access Issues: There is a significant shortage of doctors in France, particularly in certain zones where it can take up to three weeks to see a general practitioner (GP). This shortage is attributed to fewer doctors entering the field and the aging demographic of existing doctors 1.

  2. Impact of Policies: The introduction of vaccine passports in France aimed to increase vaccination rates but led to widespread protests. Critics argued that these passports could lead to state surveillance and authoritarian misuse, raising concerns about freedom and personal rights 2.

  3. Healthcare Sector Innovations: Despite challenges, there are efforts to innovate within the healthcare sector. For example, companies like Grand Rounds are focused on using technology to improve healthcare outcomes, aiming to make quality care more accessible and equitable 3.

    Healthcare Crisis

    Alex explains the shortage of doctors in France and the global problem of limited access to healthcare. He discusses the decreasing supply of doctors and the increasing demand due to chronic diseases. Harry shares a fascinating stat about healthcare costs and questions the challenges of building a business in a sector that doesn't have a willingness to pay.


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These clips offer a glimpse into the issues and efforts surrounding the healthcare system in France.