Transition Tips


Here are some expert tips for navigating various types of transitions:

  1. General Life Transitions

    • Shift, Approach, Align: Dr. Luana Marques suggests a three-step process: shift your perspective, approach the discomfort, and align your actions with your values. This helps in embracing the discomfort and discovering personal growth opportunities1 .
  2. Career Transitions

    • Clarify and Research: Shirley Lin advises clarifying what you want in your next role and researching opportunities accordingly. This prevents errors and ensures you find joy in your new role2. Anneka Gupta adds that working through frustrations can lead to growth and better decision-making2.
  3. Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

    • Take it Slow and Get Support: Ellie Bullen emphasizes not being too hard on yourself and transitioning gradually. She recommends finding support, either through a partner or community, and seeking professional advice from a dietitian3.

      Shifting, Approaching, Aligning

      Dr. Luana Marques and Mel discuss the three-step approach to navigating transitions: shifting perspective, leaning into discomfort, and aligning actions with values. They explore the importance of embracing discomfort and allowing space for growth and self-discovery.

      The Mel Robbins Podcast

      A Masterclass on Dealing with Change: A 3-Step Process | The Mel Robbins Podcast
  4. Leadership Role Transitions

    • Empower the New Leader: Andrew Wilkinson highlights the importance of letting the new CEO take charge by completely checking out and asserting their authority to the team. This helps in transitioning smoothly while giving the new leader space to lead4.
  5. Athletes Transitioning Out of Professional Careers

    • Build a Life Outside of Sports: Lee Troop advises athletes to have other activities or jobs outside their sport to ensure a smoother transition when they retire. This helps maintain mental well-being and a balanced life5.
  6. Diabetes Management Transition

    • Consult Professionals: In transitioning from blood glucose meters to Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) or different injection methods, always consult healthcare professionals to ensure a smooth and well-managed transition6.

These insights from various experts can help guide you through different types of transitions by implementing strategic steps and seeking appropriate support.