What happened at the wind farm?


A significant issue at wind farms, as discussed by , is the large number of bird deaths they cause. Importantly, the wind industry is not required to report these deaths and is rarely prosecuted for them. Bryce highlighted a case where a wind farm was built in Wyoming in a known habitat for golden eagles, despite warnings from the Fish and Wildlife Service. The company responsible was prosecuted, but the fine was minimal compared to the revenue from tax credits for building the wind farm. He criticizes this as a flawed policy where companies kill birds now in the belief that it might help mitigate future climate change impacts, which Bryce regards as detrimental to genuine environmental care 1.

The Bird Deaths Debate

Robert Bryce discusses the impact of windmills on bird populations and criticizes the lack of accountability in the wind industry. He argues that killing birds now for potential future benefits is a flawed policy, highlighting the need for responsible environmental practices.

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Sacrificing the Poor to NOT Save the Planet | Robert Bryce | EP 375