What are sweat testing options?


There are several sweat testing options available, as discussed by and guest Andy Galpin on the :

  1. Levelin Patch: This is a more traditional method where a patch is worn and then sent to a lab for analysis. The lab provides detailed results, including exact milligram levels of sodium in your sweat and recommended products to match your results. The cost is $150.

  2. Gatorade Patch: This is a consumer-friendly option priced at $25 for two patches. It can be worn on the forearm and interfaces with the Gatorade app to provide real-time analysis during a workout. It not only indicates whether sodium levels are high or low but also shows the specific milligram content of sodium.

Both methods provide specific insights into sodium levels, which can be particularly beneficial for athletes and those interested in personalizing their hydration and nutrition strategies. However, it is important to be cautious with sodium intake, especially for individuals with health conditions like hypertension or obesity 1.

Sweat Testing Options

Andy and Andrew discuss different options for sweat testing, including a $150 patch and a more consumer-friendly $25 patch from Gatorade. They also touch on the importance of sodium intake, particularly for athletes, but warn those with pre-hypertension or obesity to be cautious.

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