Secular Buddhism

Here are some podcasts that explore topics related to secular Buddhism or feature discussions around Buddhism:

  1. ]
    This podcast focuses on practical benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and includes discussions on Buddhism. Hosted by Dan Harris, it features conversations with experts and practitioners from various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism.

  2. ]
    Hosted by Chris Williamson, this podcast delves into a wide array of topics including psychology, self-improvement, mental health, and occasionally touches upon philosophical topics including aspects of Buddhism.

  3. ]
    Hosted by Aubrey Marcus, this series explores spirituality, psychedelics, consciousness, self-improvement, and includes discussions on ancient wisdom and philosophy, which often intersect with Buddhist principles.

Each of these podcasts brings unique perspectives and discussions that might intersect with secular Buddhism through the lens of modern challenges, self-improvement, and philosophical exploration.