How does motivation happen?


Motivation can be influenced significantly by how we manage our time and set our goals. Emily Balcetis discusses a strategy for effectively utilizing one's calendar to enhance motivation towards achieving big projects that don't yield immediate results. By planning out actions related to their goals for the week and scheduling specific times, individuals found an additional two and a half hours per week to work on their goals compared to when they only planned on a day-by-day basis. This structured approach helps in maintaining motivation over time by ensuring consistent progress and allowing space for unforeseen tasks. 1

Managing Time Effectively

Emily explains how planning and committing to a week in advance to times in their calendar for when they're going to work on their goal is an effective strategy for finding more time to work on big projects. By thinking more big picture about time allocation, people found two and a half more hours to work on their goal.

The Knowledge Project

The Science of Setting and Achieving Goals | Emily Balcetis | Knowledge Project Podcast