Solo hike


In a conversation with , discusses the challenges and dangers of solo hiking in jungles like the Amazon. Essential advice includes:

  • Food: Bring non-perishables like nuts, as starting a fire can be futile in such damp environments. Learning to supplement with fishing can be vital; Rosolie emphasized the need to become a good fisherman to catch food in the jungle 1.

  • Fire: Survival manuals often suggest not trying to start a fire in the Amazon, as it can be demoralizing given the difficulty due to the wet conditions. Instead, focus on other survival methods 1.

  • Dangers: Surprisingly, the most dangerous entity in the Amazon isn't wildlife but humans. Rosolie emphasizes that encounters with uncontacted tribes can potentially be dangerous, given their isolation and potentially violent reactions towards outsiders 2.

Preparation, understanding the environment, and awareness of potential dangers are crucial for anyone considering a solo hike in such challenging terrains.

Surviving the Jungle

Paul shares his experience of surviving a solo hike in the Amazon jungle, including the challenges of finding food and starting a fire. He discusses the importance of being a good fisherman and how he learned from his guide, JJ.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Paul Rosolie: Amazon Jungle, Uncontacted Tribes, Anacondas, and Ayahuasca | Lex Fridman Podcast #369