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In episode 568 of , titled "Sugar Daddy's Ambition is a Savory Transition | Feedback Friday," Jordan Harbinger, along with his co-host Gabriel Mizrahi, addresses a variety of listener questions and topics.

Key Highlights:

  • Overcoming Sugar Dating: Jordan offers advice to someone feeling ashamed of past engagements in sugar dating, emphasizing the importance of overcoming past shame and finding worthiness in oneself.
  • Vice Cop Date: Jordan shares a humorous anecdote about attending a party mistaken for a sugar daddy event, which ended with a date with a female vice cop.
  • Estate Planning and Stylish Clothing: The episode features recommendations for estate planning through Trust & Will and stylish, comfortable clothing from Cuts Clothing 1.
  • Starting and Crafting a Podcast: Jordan provides insights on starting a podcast, stressing that it should begin as a hobby rather than a business. He emphasizes the importance of developing core skills, craft, and learning constantly to succeed in the field 2 3.

    Estate Planning & Stylish Clothing

    Jordan and Jen recommend Trust & Will for estate planning and Cuts Clothing for stylish and comfortable clothing. Listeners can get discounts on both services by visiting and, respectively.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    568: Sugar Daddy's Ambition is a Savory Transition | Feedback Friday

The episode also includes sponsor messages from Better Help, Progressive, and Edmunds, offering various services and discounts to listeners 4.