How many deals have been made?


The exact number of business deals made is not specified in the podcast clips retrieved. However, discussions around making and closing deals, finding business opportunities, and strategies for selling companies are prominently featured. Here are some of the key insights provided by experts:

  1. Finding Business Deals: from the emphasizes the importance of networking with professional intermediaries like CPAs and wealth managers to discover business deals. Most businesses for sale are not listed through brokers; instead, deals are often found through personal connections and intermediaries 1.

  2. Selling Your Company: advises those looking to sell their company to be aware of market conditions and to strategically select buyers to approach. Using alternative phrasing when discussing potential sales, like mentioning "exploring strategic partnerships," can also be tactically beneficial 2.

  3. Deal Closures: discusses the importance of having a strong belief in the product or service you are offering to close more deals effectively. This conviction helps in persistently following up on potential leads 3.

    Finding Good Business Deals

    Learn how to find good business deals by networking with professionals such as CPAs, tax advisors, wealth managers, and small business attorneys. Discover why most businesses for sale are not listed through brokers and how building relationships with the right people can help you find the best opportunities.

    The James Altucher Show

    553 - How to Make Money by Buying an Established, Profitable Business Using None of Your Own Money with Carl Allen

These clips suggest that a variety of factors, including networking, market understanding, strategic communications, and belief in one's offering, play significant roles in business transactions.