Why did Martin admire Bill Gates?


Martin admired Bill Gates for several reasons, primarily revolving around Gates' approach to business and contrarianism. He appreciated how Gates was unapologetic about wanting to make money and respected Gates for adopting a persona that was often vilified in the tech or hacker communities. Martin resonated with Gates' resolve to do things his way despite external criticisms, such as those concerning his public image or his simplistic lifestyle, despite significant wealth. Martin also respected Gates' ability to stick to his convictions and his continued intensity and energy in business and personal endeavors, portraying them as characteristics of true success 1 .

Success Stories

Martin discusses his admiration for successful businesspeople who went against the odds and made it work, including Bill Gates, Henry Nicholas, Tom Petterfield, George Soros, and Robert Smith. He emphasizes the importance of embracing the narrative and doing things your way.

My First Million

Martin Shkreli Reveals How He Made His First $100 Million (#445)