Morning Rituals


Morning Rituals Discussed by Tim Ferriss and His Guests

  1. Justin Boreta:

    • Meditation and Unplugging: Begins the day by avoiding technology for the first hour, making tea, and meditating. Uses this quiet time for reflection, followed by a quick workout and breakfast. Meditative practices include Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes 1 2.
  2. Shay Carl:

    • Family and Gratitude: Focuses on family time which includes morning prayers with his family, where they express gratitude and set a tone for the day 3.

      Morning Rituals

      Justin shares his morning ritual which includes meditation, a quick workout, and unplugging from technology for the first hour of the day. He emphasizes the importance of quiet time and how it has helped him focus and avoid distractions.

      Tim Ferriss Show

      Justin Boreta Interview (Full Episode) | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)
  3. Brené Brown:

    • Swim Therapy and Morning Routine: Engages in deep breathing to avoid early technology use, prepares breakfast for her kids, and involves herself in swim therapy which serves as meditation, exercise, and therapy 4.
  4. Jane McGonigal:

    • Neuroscience and Sports: Involves watching tennis matches in the morning, leveraging the neurological benefits of anticipation and prediction to boost dopamine levels, comparing it to a strong cup of coffee 5.
  5. A.J. Jacobs:

    • Mental Calisthenics and Information Diet: Avoids news in the morning to prevent the onset of a depressive mood, focusing instead on clearer mental states to start the day 6.
  6. Jerry Colonna:

    • Meditation and Journaling: Has a disciplined ritual of journaling and meditation without checking his emails first thing, ensuring a calm beginning to the day 7.
  7. Phil Libin:

    • Information Digest and Slow Start: Desires an automated digest of the day to soak in important info without decision-making or interaction pressures, highlighting a preference for a slower start to the day 8.

Each of these rituals focuses on mindfulness, unplugging, family, or specific activities that provide a beneficial start to the day.