Strength Program

Here are some podcasts that focus on strength training and fitness, which might address topics related to strength programs:

1. The Strength Running Podcast

Hosted by Jason Fitzgerald, this podcast is tailored for runners looking to improve their performance through strength training among other methods. It covers a range of topics including marathon training, injury prevention, and strength training for runners Jason Fitzgerald.

2. Mind Pump Podcast

Hosted by Justin Andrews, Adam Schafer, and Sal Di Stefano, this podcast explores various aspects of health and fitness, including strength training and bodily health. It often features interviews with health and fitness experts Justin Andrews, Adam Schafer, Sal Di Stefano.

3. Dynamic Dialogue with Danny Matranga

This podcast, hosted by Danny Matranga, delves into fitness and health topics with a strong foundation in evidence-based practices. Topics often include strength training, nutrition, and recovery Danny Matranga.

4. Mark Bell's Power Project

Hosted by Andrew Zaragoza, Nsima Inyang, and Mark Bell, the show covers a broad spectrum of fitness-related topics, including muscle gain and pain-free living. The hosts share their deep knowledge in strength training and fitness Andrew Zaragoza, Nsima Inyang, Mark Bell.

5. The Morning Shakeout

While primarily focused on running, this podcast hosted by Mario Fraioli and Chris Douglas also discusses strength training as it relates to running and endurance sports, exploring its benefits for performance and injury prevention Mario Fraioli, Chris Douglas.

Each of these podcasts provides insights and advice relevant to strength training programs, from general fitness to specific applications like running.