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The episode "77: Feedback Friday | How to Build Good Financial Habits from the Ground Up" from "The Jordan Harbinger Show" covers various topics, primarily focusing on personal development and practical advice for improving financial habits. Here are the key elements:

  • Personal Improvement Tips: Jordan Harbinger shares recommendations on productivity, managing a rough day, and self-improvement methods like effective breaks and a favored shake recipe. He also mentions shifting the mini-sode Monday drills to Instagram videos for broader accessibility 1.

  • Sponsorships: The episode includes mentions of sponsors such as Wrangler Jeans and Onnit, a health and fitness company. There are details on how these products align with the lifestyles of their audience 2 3.

    Tips and Recommendations

    Jordan and Jason share tips and recommendations on productivity and self-improvement, including effective breaks and a shake recipe. Jordan also mentions mini-sode Monday drills and exercises, which will now be available as videos on Instagram. Listeners are encouraged to apply what they learn from the show in their daily lives.

    The Jordan Harbinger Show

    77: Feedback Friday | How to Build Good Financial Habits from the Ground Up
  • Overcoming Financial Overspending: A significant discussion is about using behavioral psychology to manage and prevent overspending. Strategies discussed include automating financial transfers to savings and being mindful of psychological triggers that lead to unnecessary spending 4.

  • Listener Engagement: Listeners are encouraged to apply the show's advice in their lives and share their experiences, fostering a community of active listeners who support each other in personal and professional growth 1.

Overall, the episode blends life advice with listener engagement and sponsor mentions, providing a comprehensive guide for personal and financial betterment.