What equipment is needed for sprouting?


To start sprouting, the basic equipment recommended includes:

  • Jars: Mason jars are ideal but any glass jar will do, like an empty pasta sauce jar. These jars are versatile and easily accessible.
  • Lids: You can use special sprouting lids or a piece of cheesecloth secured with a rubber band. For materials, stainless steel lids are preferred as they don't rust compared to other metals.
  • Trays: Although not essential for beginners, trays can be used for sprouting multiple seeds. They come in various materials including plastic and stainless steel.
  • Cheesecloth: Useful for covering jars to allow airflow while keeping contaminants out.
  • Seeds: It's crucial to acquire high-quality seeds specifically meant for sprouting, ideally organic and tested for pathogens to ensure safety and high germination rates.

For those just starting out, using a simple mason jar with a cheesecloth lid is an easy and effective way to sprout seeds like lentils and broccoli, which are particularly recommended for beginners due to their ease and quick germination results 1 2 3.

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Doug shares beginner-friendly sprouting tips, emphasizing the simplicity of sprouting seeds in jars. He recommends using common household items like mason jars and explains the importance of choosing the right materials for sprouting success.

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