Pursuit of status and value?


The pursuit of status is a fundamental human need driven by our evolutionary history as tribal beings. According to , status has always been a significant factor, impacting everything from personal relationships to global conflicts. The desire to feel valued and significant within a tribe or community is not just about material success but ensuring survival and reproductive success. Status influences our choices, from mundane activities to significant life decisions 1.

offers a nuanced view, discussing the psychological aspects of status. He emphasizes that while status is a notable motivator, focusing overly on it can divert attention from performing inherently valuable actions. Instead, he advises focusing on actions that one personally values, which can indirectly lead to gains in status. This approach helps maintain authenticity and personal satisfaction 2.

Furthermore, elaborates that the pursuit of status can be both beneficial and detrimental. It drives advancements in technology and societal progress when channeled positively. However, an excessive focus on status can lead to social imbalances and personal discontent, reflecting the complex role status plays in human society 3 4.

Pursuing Status

Will Storr and Jim O'Shaughnessy discuss the fundamental human need for belongingness and how pursuing status is the first step towards achieving anything in life. Storr explains that status games are present in all aspects of life, including war and social media.

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Ep.122 — Will Storr — The Status Game

Overall, status is an ever-present, complex game that dictates human interaction and societal structure, deeply ingrained in our psychological makeup and affecting both our personal well-being and societal progression.