Mindset Control


Jordan Harbinger discusses the concept of mindset control from different perspectives highlighted in the following clips:

  1. Mind Control Capabilities: David Eagleman and Jordan discuss the progress in technology that may eventually enable us to control various devices just by using our thoughts. This discussion reflects on the potential of mind control in practical applications, particularly for individuals with mobility impairments. They also touch upon the intricacies of brain functionality and its challenges in interfacing with external technology 1.

  2. Alpha Mindset: This concept is discussed in the context of personal resilience and self-sufficiency. Jordan Harbinger explicates how adopting an "alpha mindset" can serve as a protective shield, helping individuals gain control over their emotional states and personal lives. This mindset, while beneficial in some aspects, can also pose challenges, potentially leading to isolation and hindering personal relationships 2.

  3. Protecting Your Mind: Jordan, along with Shawn Achor, talks about strategies to protect one's mind from stress and negativity. They explore creating a "mental moat" as a method to buffer oneself against psychological stressors. This involves tactical avoidance of negative inputs during vulnerable times of the day, such as the first and last 30 minutes, supporting better mental hygiene and resilience 3.

    Mind Control

    David explains the possibility of controlling external devices with our thoughts, and proposes a new hypothesis about dreaming being a defense mechanism for the visual cortex. He also discusses the plasticity of the brain and how it differs across different species of primates.

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    474: David Eagleman | The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain