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In the episode "378: Steven Johnson | How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most" from The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan Harbinger shares practical tips on building and managing relationships through effective networking. He highlights the importance of establishing a network before it's needed and encourages listeners to connect with peers and show guests through social media and his Six-Minute Networking course, which is available for free on his website.

The episode features Steven Johnson, who discusses the significance of making thoughtful decisions, especially by considering multiple options rather than just binary choices. He emphasizes that successful individuals, such as Jeff Bezos, often make decisions with less than complete certainty and that exploring a range of alternatives can lead to better outcomes.

The episode also focuses on the impact of storytelling in decision-making, suggesting that engaging with complex narratives in books or TV shows, like Middlemarch or Breaking Bad, can provide valuable practice for making decisions in our own lives. This discussion addresses the cognitive and perceptual skills enhanced by exposure to diverse thought processes and scenarios through different media, which can ultimately improve our decision-making capabilities 1 2 3.

Practice for Life

Steven explains how reading novels and watching TV shows can help us become better decision-makers. Great storytelling gives us practice for our own lives and for our own choices, allowing us to rehearse the choices we're going to have to make in our own actual lives.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

378: Steven Johnson | How We Make the Decisions That Matter the Most